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How To Keep Bears Away From Your Food Manufacturing Dumpster

If you are the owner of a food manufacturing facility, then you probably have some waste that needs to be dealt with daily. Bagging wastes and placing them in a large dumpster that is emptied weekly is the easiest solution to dealing with the garbage. Dumpsters can be rented and emptied for you when you set up a regular schedule and service. However, you may not feel very confident about placing the dumpster outside your facility if you live in an area where bears are likely to venture. Not only can this lead to a disastrous mess, but it can result in a very dangerous situation. Keep reading to learn about some tips that will allow you to rent a dumpster and keep bears away.

Rent A Bear-Proof Dumpster

Bears are able to smell food over a mile away, and they may come by your manufacturing facility in search of food. While bears do not like to approach humans due to their shy nature, they will associate the presence of humans with food. This is especially true if the bear has already been able to locate outdoor trash cans and camping sites. Not only will the animals understand that seeing you means food, but your smell may tip off a bear that food may be near. This means that the overwhelming smell of humans and food may lead an adaptable bear to think that your dumpster is a prime target. Not only can the dumpster attract them, but the presence of food will cause the bear to come back over and over again. The animals will forage in an area until food can no longer be found.

Thankfully, you can keep your dumpster safe by simply investing in bear proof varieties in the first place. Bear-proof dumpsters are completely enclosed containers with small openings on the top where waste can be placed inside. These openings are fitted with doors that use paddle latches to secure them. Locking clasps are also available where you can place a padlock on the door. The closures keep the bears from opening the doors. However, if an animal were to break the door or clasp, the opening is too small for the bear to reach his head or arm inside the dumpster to access food. Some dumpster have an angled top to make this even more difficult.

Some dumpsters come with clasps or locks to keep the upper lid secured. Many varieties open automatically though, with the assistance of gravity when they are tipped upside down. This allows for easy emptying without the need for clasp or lock removal.

Reduce Food Smells

A bear's nose is extremely sensitive. In fact, it is 100 times more powerful than your own. You can use this strong sense of smell to help deter the animals from coming anywhere near your dumpster. The first step is to secure garbage properly to make sure that scents are unlikely to escape. Purchase contractor grade trash bags that are low density varieties. These bags are able to handle heavy loads of garbage without tearing or ripping. The best option is a thick bag that is 3 to 6 mils thick. Use tight knots or ties to close the bags once they are filled with food. 

Once the trash bag is filled, purchase a pine-based cleaning product and lightly spray the exterior. Place the bag in the dumpster afterwards. Pine is a strong scent that will mask any food odors and repel bears. If you do not want to spray the cleaner, then purchase pine essential oil and add 10 drops to the dumpster every other day. You can also place several cotton balls underneath the dumpster that are soaked in the pine oil. Replace the balls once a week to make sure the scent remains strong. 

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