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3 Features You Can Offer To Enhance Interest In Your New Fabric Store

Looking for ways to improve your fabric store's profit margins? Enhancing customer interest should help get the job done. Here are a few features your fabric store can offer to attract more customers as time goes on.

1. Basic In-House Sewing Services

You may not want to create actual clothing, curtains, and other goods for your customers but by offering basic in-house sewing services, you're sure to increase customer interest and improve your overall profit margins. Customers may want you to sew clean edges on the materials they buy from you, so it's ready to be used in a quilt or as a throw-blanket for a couch. Or maybe a piece of fabric someone bought from you has been ripped – you could repair or patch it for them, so they don't have to buy more fabric. They'll appreciate the convenience and money savings, and you'll make an extra profit for your business.

2. Customized Fabric Designs

In addition to pre-made fabric designs, consider offering your customers the opportunity to create their own custom fabric designs through your company. Whether you use your own fabric printer or you outsource the designing aspect of creating custom fabrics, you can offer limitless options to your current and prospective customers as time goes on and your store will be the first that people visit when they're looking for something specific. Create and manage a design gallery for your customers to use as inspiration and guidance. They can create their own designs based on what's in your collection, or mix and match ideas from your collection to design a partially custom pattern.

3. Paper Core Packaging

Make transporting and storing the fabric your customers buy from you easy by packaging the fabric on paper cores. Cylindrical paper cores will allow you to roll a specific size of fabric up for a customer based on what they buy so the fabric stays wrinkle-free and won't get caught in a door or accidentally dragged on the ground while being transported home.

Paper cores will provide your fabrics with a professional look and feel, which may enable you to raise your asking price for various fabrics that you sell. Paper cores come in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to accommodate any size fabric a customer buys. Consider further protecting the fabric customers buy by wrapping the fabrics and paper cores in plastic wrap before delivering the goods.

Order your paper and film cores in bulk, and you should be able to recover the costs without increasing your overall prices by much if at all.

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