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3 Ways To Use Commercial Reflective Tape For Your Youth Camping Troop

If you are a troop leader or parent for a small camping and outdoor troop, you may be looking for ways to maintain safety on your next outdoor trips. Though there are plenty of safety devices out there, one of the least expensive options is commercial reflective tape. Reflective tape has a variety of advantages and uses for your troop events. Here are three ways to use the tape for your troop.

Safety Sashes

Most outdoor and camping troops use sashes for earned badges. You can use the same concept and create safety sashes for your troop members. The sashes can be made from using a fabric base and the reflective tape placed over the center of the sash. You can also choose to use strips of the reflective tape to create bands of reflective areas on the sash. This reflective project will give each troop member a sash to wear at night while walking in the woods, going to and from campsites, or going to the bathroom if you are in an area with outdoor accommodations.

Reflective Belts 

If you find that the reflective safety sashes don't work for you, you can also use the reflective tape on belts. The belts are created by using either a prefabricated traditional belt of leather or woven cloth or by using a simple braided cloth or rope. The belts are then covered in the reflective tape in a design of your choosing. This will give a simple around the waist bar of reflective light to allow cars or other travelers to see the troop members easily. This is especially helpful if you have troop members walk side by side at night when traveling from one area to another as it gives a nearly straight line of reflective light pointing out each troop member easily.

Campsite Marking

You may have personal safety reflective options already. What you may not have are reflective options for your camp to easily mark off each camping area. If your troop size is large, you may have different small camp groups in the larger campsite area. You can use reflective tape and rope to mark off the campsite and give your troop a clear sign of where the camp is at night. It also will help people find the site if necessary with the use of flashlights or other night light gear.

These are only three ways to use commercial reflective tape for your youth camping troop. If you are ready to order and check out the different reflective tape designs available, contact your local commercial reflective tape supplier. They can help with pricing, ordering information, and retro-reflective tape supplier orders.

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