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Why Your Company Should Use Foam Inserts When Shipping Or Transporting Products

Does your company frequently ship the same products day after day? If you are still using random sheets of bubble wrap or packing peanuts to secure your products for transport or shipment, there may be a better way. Today, more companies that ship the same product out to multiple customers are turning to custom foam inserts, thanks to the advantages provided. Here's how foam inserts can offer a better packing and shipping experience for your customers and your company.

Completely Eliminate Movement During Transport With Custom Inserts

The problem with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other generic packing materials is that while it will provide some protection for your products, it's usually not a perfect fit. But when you get foam inserts, you can find ones that offer the exact dimensions you need for your product, or you have the ability to custom order exactly what you need. Inserting your product into a box with the right inserts will ensure there is a snug fit and no free space for your product to shift around at all. If some of your products are fragile, or you have received complaints about your goods being damaged during shipment, switching to custom foam inserts for your packaging can lead to better customer satisfaction when the product arrives.

Foam Inserts Can Make Packaging (and Un-Packing) Easier

If you are using plastic wrap or any other kind of sheet to ship your product, you'll have to make sure that each product is properly enclosed in the packing material before it can go into the box. But with custom foam inserts, they can quickly and easily be slapped right into place in the box by either man or machine, and then the product will also slip right in because of the custom design. Foam inserts can reduce packaging time for your company and can also make things easier for the customer when the product arrives. The customer can simply pull the entire ensemble out of the box and quickly pull the inserts off. Contrast this with plastic wrap where the customer might have to and get a knife and tear away multiple layers to get to the product.

Custom Foam Inserts Offer a Professional Look 

Packing peanuts and even bubble wrap can make a mess when it's time to remove the product from the box at the store or at the customer's home. When you use foam inserts, the entire assembly looks professionally put together and like it's all one unit when it comes out of the box. It will allow your small business to offer a professional look for its products to every customer that orders from you.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for foam inserts for your business.

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