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The Benefits Of Using NFDM Prepared Media Or Dry Milk Powder In Your Food Manufacturing Process

Do you typically add dairy to your food products during the production process? Do you want to start adding milk to one of your items or something new you are brewing up as a way of adjusting the taste? Today, more and more food manufacturers are turning to NFDM prepared media or dry-powered milk to create the food products they want thanks to the variety of benefits that dry or prepared media can provide. Here's why you might want to look into dry milk powder for your own food production process by contacting a local provider of NFDM prepared media today.

An Easy Way To Add a Concentration of Additional Nutrients

Dairy is well known to have calcium and other nutrients within it, milk in particular. When it comes to dry milk, you can provide your next batch of food with an even more concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals than you normally do. Powder or prepared media can be infused with additional calcium, proteins, and other nutrients that can boost the health profile of your next creation.

Dry Milk Powder Is Easy and Cost-Effective To Store

One of the problems of working with liquid milk is that it can expire within a relatively short time frame. If you don't use it all fast enough, you could end up with spoiled dairy that you will have to throw out. Dry milk powder has a much longer shelf life before reaching its expiration date. If business is down and you need to temporarily slow production until things pick up again, you won't have to worry about your dry milk going bad and costing you money to replace when full production returns.

Also, consider that liquid milk takes more space to store when compared to powder and will of course need to be stored in a refrigerated unit. Dry milk powder is much more compact and can be put onto any shelf in a cool, dry, place.

Add Additional Texture or Flavor to the Food You Produce

Dry milk powder can absorb or entrap the water that naturally occurs within some foods. This can help you change the texture of your next creation or even add more dairy flavor to the next food to roll off your production line. You can change the texture of your food using a natural substance and not a bunch of artificial additions to your food. Contact a provider of nonfat dry milk prepared media or powder today to get started.

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