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The Benefits Of Using Engineered Wood Building Materials In Your Next Construction Project

Wood remains a time-tested and popular building material when it comes to construction. There are some situations where you might need something a little bit bigger or better than what natural wood can provide. Today, some construction firms are turning to engineered wood products to get the building materials they need. Here's how engineered wood differs from natural wood and why it might be the right choice for your next build.

Engineered Wood Uses Natural Wood Reinforced With Adhesives or Other Chemicals

Engineered wood starts with natural wood that is laminated or otherwise treated with an adhesive or chemical. This treatment can add to or adjust the natural properties that are inherently available in natural wood.

 It's important to note that you are still getting natural wood underneath any changes that are made, or in other words, this isn't synthetic or "fake wood" that's actually a different material altogether. If you or your client want the look and other properties that natural wood can provide, engineered wood can still provide all of that in a slightly altered and improved form.

Engineered Wood Can Be Stronger or More Durable Than Natural Wood

One of the key benefits of engineered wood compared to natural wood is that adding an adhesive can make the wood much stronger. If you need to use wood to support something quite heavy, there might not be a natural piece of wood in the world that is strong enough for your needs. By going with engineered wood, you can still use the same sized piece of wood without worrying if it will be strong enough to hold up over time. Wood that's been treated with adhesive and other chemicals may also be more durable over the long run, requiring less maintenance and being less vulnerable to issues like wood rot.

You Can Use Engineered Wood To Create a Larger Section or Piece of Wood Than You'd Be Able To Do Using All Natural Materials

Beyond making a wood piece of any size stronger, engineered wood materials can be used to create a much larger sheet or slab or pillar of wood than what is possible using only natural wood. In other words, if you want one super long, unbroken piece of wood for some purpose, there might not be a tree in the world that's large enough to give you the exact size you need. With engineering, you can create the exact size that you need.

For more information on engineered wood products, contact a lumber company like Hillside Lumber.

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