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Ceiling-Suspended Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Cranes - Here's Why You Should Use Them

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical products occurs in cleanrooms because the products require a very clean and safe environment since they are for human consumption. Traces of dirt or contaminants can be disastrous and may force you to discard the contaminated batch and commence the manufacturing process afresh, which is costly. Additionally, pharmaceutical products have chemical components and need careful and proper handling as spillages may pose health risks to your employees. Cleanrooms are highly sterile environments that guard and protect goods from contamination. You need to use ceiling-suspend cranes to move products in the cleanroom as a safety measure.

What are Ceiling-Suspended Cranes?

These are machines placed on top of a manufacturing building to enable safe transportation of equipment and products from one point to another. The cranes are used to load and unload goods, feed-in raw materials, and lift equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. They have no fixed shape and are adjustable depending on the nature and volume of the product in transit. 

Why Do You Need Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Cranes?

The following are the three main reasons why it is essential to use ceiling-suspended cranes in your pharmaceutical cleanroom:

1. Save on space

Manufacturing pharmaceutical products requires enough space to enable free movement of products and employees and avoid contamination in the long run. To create such space, you need to ensure that the number of people and equipment in the cleanroom is limited. However, this might be a problem as you still need people and machines for the process to run smoothly. A ceiling-suspended crane solves this problem for you since they operate from the ceiling. That, therefore, creates enough space in the cleanroom as transportation of goods won't be happening on the same floor as the manufacturing process. Additionally, the crane's personnel don't need to be in the cleanroom as they can control it remotely. That further saves space and reduces contamination due to minimized contact with the manufacturing process.

2. Minimize accidents

With many people and machines operating in the cleanroom, the risk of having physical accidents is high. Accidents vary from less serious ones, such as employees tripping on machine cables and falling, to more serious ones, like spillage of harmful chemicals during transportation. These accidents might have severe consequences like health hazards leading to lawsuits, attracting losses, and negatively impacting your pharmaceutical company's image. By operating overhead the cleanroom, ceiling-suspended cranes eliminate contact with your employees, thus reducing the potential of accidents occurring.

3. Cleanroom cranes can be installed anywhere

Some machines in industrial processes are placed in inessential places to save floor space. That may, in turn, slow down the production process and reduce returns. The case is different with ceiling-suspended cranes. They solely operate on the ceiling giving you the freedom to move around your cleanroom. The flexibility in installation locations ensures a fast production process that maximizes productivity.

For more information on pharmaceutical clean room cranes, contact a local manufacturer.

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